Mars magnetic field

On wikipedia this image is available of the magnetic field of mars:

For research purposes, I’ve pasted this on a sphere to get a more realistic view.

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Do the continents fit like a jig-saw puzzle?

This is just to show that actually the continental shelves of Africa and South America fit pretty well.

Africa South America Fit
South America

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Convergent evolution

A newly descovered ichthyosaur got in the news recently. It was found in a museum archive by a paleontologist. What catched my eye was the note that this was a “dolphin that got extinct 90 million years ago”. That’s weird, because according to the evolution fable, the ancestor of the dolphin, pakicetus, was still a land animal some 50 million years ago. I found that this is one of those “convergent evolution” stories. An animal got exctinct, and later a very similar animal got almost exactly the same properties. This inspired me to make a map of the evolutionary tree, to show the extremeness of “convergent evolution”. I’ve included a case of evolutionary stasis as well, using the coelacanth as example.

Convergent evolution English

Click here to download as pdf.

Below is an illustration from wikipedia to show the similarities between ichthyosaur and the dolphin.

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Genesis Flood Models

This is the third presentation about the Genesis Flood. In this presentation I show an analysis of many flood models.

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The solar system, creation and the Flood

Anothor presentation I made. This is about evidence for creation and the flood that we find in the Solar System. Enjoy!

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Heat and the Flood – A problem or an answer?

This presentation is one out of a series of three presentations about the Genesis Flood. This presentation is the essence of my flood model. The other two presentations provide more context.

I was invited to come to South Africa to do three presentations in July 2016. The original recording of all three presentations can be found here:

The recording quality of the original had room for improvement. Therefore this new version. I hope to do this for the other two presentations as well soon.

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Ian Juby’s CrEvo Rant #17 met Nederlandse ondertiteling

Ook voor deze CrEvo Rant is Nederlandse ondertiteling beschikbaar gemaakt voor


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Ian Juby’s CrEvo Rant #46 met Nederlandse ondertiteling

Bij deze is er Nederlandse ondertiteling beschikbaar voor deze CrEvo Rant:

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Generating crude oil takes millions of years?

It is often claimed that crude oil forming is a process that takes millions of years. However, under the right circomstances, this can happen within an hour. See: Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab

What you need for that are:

  • Bio material (like algea)
  • Heat (350 degrees celsius)
  • Pressure (3000 psi, or 2 km deep water)
  • Water.

A global flood would provide enough water… and enough bio material, as it is ripped off everywhere… and enough heat. All flood models that are available show that there must have been a lot of heat involved during the flood.


Generating crude oil takes millions of years, or a global flood.

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On the origin of articles

You might think that someone wrote this article.  But of course, you would be mistaken.  Articles are not written by people.  They are the result of chance.  Every intelligent person knows it.  There might be some people who want you to think that articles are written by people.  But this view is totally unscientific.  After all, we cannot see the person who allegedly wrote the article.  We cannot detect him or her in any way.  The claim that this article has an author cannot be empirically verified, and therefore it must be rejected.  All we have is the article itself, and we must find a scientific explanation for its origin.

Read more…

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