Flight MH370

I haven’t posted anything for a very long time… Anyway, something completely different, my theory as to what happened to flight MH370.

After seeing many videos, reading about it a lot and much analysis I concluded that it must be that captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah highjacked the plane. I got to that point after resisting it for a long time, as one of his colleagues said “you should not blame somebody who cannot speak up for himself”. However, any malfunction has it’s own reason why it can be ruled out. Most of them because of the flight path. This path has the fingerprint of manual control. And Shah is the only person on the flight to whom this makes sense.

There are strong hints that mister Shah was depressed and lonely. He got to see his wife and kids less and some say his wife had recently found out he had been cheating on her. Though that is somewhat unconfirmed, the (slightly hidden) depressiveness of this man was seen by some people close to him.

The combination of the following hints are leading me to the conclusion he did this:

– The flight path recorded in the flight simulator was very close to where the plane eventually ended up.
– This recorded flight path in the simulator was the only sequence of points in that simulator that did not end at an airport.
– The captain did not repeat the frequency as he did not intend to use it.
– The point where communication of literally every system got lost was exactly at a very small part of the flight route where there was an in-between point between Malaysia and Vietnam. If there is another cause than deliberate, this is extremely coincidential.
– There are backups for many systems. There is a way to switch them all off manually, but you have to know exactly what you are doing. Hamid probably did not have this knowledge (nor did highjackers), only Shah probably did.
– The flight route was then aimed at exactly the border between Malaysia and Thailand, deliberately at a point where there is very little air craft communication, and where it is unclear which country is responsible.
– After passing Malaysia, it’s direction was (seemingly) deliberately changed to move away from Indonesia.
– After passing the point around Indonesia, it made a left turn, heading towards the single non-airport endpoint in Shah’s simulator.
– At that time the communication with the satellites went back on. This means the systems were in fact working properly, but had been turned off for a while. The most logical reason for this to be switched back on is if it had been switched on manually.
– The reason why it was at that point that it was back on – if done manually – this was the point where the pilot could have been certain no land system would pick up any communciation. The pilot however probably would not realize this would send satellite pings.
– There were no other manouvers, which does not point to something that was “out of control” or “hard to control”. Every manouver was very professional and non-automatic.
– The phone in the plane was functioning properly twice, but was not picked up.
– The seventh arc was much closer (and much shorter after) the sixth arc than arcs 1 to 6 were individually. The six arcs were routinely timed pings. The seventh arc was a reset of the system, after it had been off shortly again. The reason why this was, is because shortly after the sixth ping, the plane ran out of fuel. This sets out a ram air turbine, to power the most vital functions. This caused a short delay in electricity, hence the seventh arc was the ping after the ram air turbine turned the satellite communication back on.

Had there been nobody at the controls, the plane would not have flown this route. Had there been problems, communication would have been attempted or at least this phone would have been picked up. No other explanation makes sence. This is the only one where the entire puzzle fits.

So why there? Well, this target point is at one of earths furtherst “poles of inaccassibility“. There are only further ones in the Pacific, but those are out of reach for an aircraft from Malaysia. Hence the lonely depression of the pilot got the pilot playing with the thought (and simulating it) of flying and dying at the loneliest place he could reach. This idea remained stuck in his mind and one day when he got the opportunity he decided to make this reality. Yes, other pilots have killed passengers because of a depression.

Wether or not he made everybody in the plane (except himself) unconsious by flying too high and decompressing the cabin, I don’t know. But there are clues that hint to that. And he might have locked the other pilot out, which is easy and makes more sense then that he had killed him or that the other pilot cooperated.

They were searching within a range of 32 km away from the probable last point (the seventh arc), because that is the range in which you’d normally find a plane when it crashed. However, I think in this case it would have been slightly further out, as I think the pilot was still controlling the plane once it ran out of fuel. It did not spiral down, it wenton and glided forward and went down slowly.

That’s my theory.

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Mars magnetic field

On wikipedia this image is available of the magnetic field of mars:

For research purposes, I’ve pasted this on a sphere to get a more realistic view.

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Do the continents fit like a jig-saw puzzle?

This is just to show that actually the continental shelves of Africa and South America fit pretty well.

Africa South America Fit
South America

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Convergent evolution

A newly descovered ichthyosaur got in the news recently. It was found in a museum archive by a paleontologist. What catched my eye was the note that this was a “dolphin that got extinct 90 million years ago”. That’s weird, because according to the evolution fable, the ancestor of the dolphin, pakicetus, was still a land animal some 50 million years ago. I found that this is one of those “convergent evolution” stories. An animal got exctinct, and later a very similar animal got almost exactly the same properties. This inspired me to make a map of the evolutionary tree, to show the extremeness of “convergent evolution”. I’ve included a case of evolutionary stasis as well, using the coelacanth as example.

Convergent evolution English

Click here to download as pdf.

Below is an illustration from wikipedia to show the similarities between ichthyosaur and the dolphin.

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Genesis Flood Models

This is the third presentation about the Genesis Flood. In this presentation I show an analysis of many flood models.

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The solar system, creation and the Flood

Anothor presentation I made. This is about evidence for creation and the flood that we find in the Solar System. Enjoy!

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Heat and the Flood – A problem or an answer?

This presentation is one out of a series of three presentations about the Genesis Flood. This presentation is the essence of my flood model. The other two presentations provide more context.

I was invited to come to South Africa to do three presentations in July 2016. The original recording of all three presentations can be found here:

The recording quality of the original had room for improvement. Therefore this new version. I hope to do this for the other two presentations as well soon.

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Ian Juby’s CrEvo Rant #17 met Nederlandse ondertiteling

Ook voor deze CrEvo Rant is Nederlandse ondertiteling beschikbaar gemaakt voor dinodino.nl


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Ian Juby’s CrEvo Rant #46 met Nederlandse ondertiteling

Bij deze is er Nederlandse ondertiteling beschikbaar voor deze CrEvo Rant:

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Generating crude oil takes millions of years?

It is often claimed that crude oil forming is a process that takes millions of years. However, under the right circomstances, this can happen within an hour. See: Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab

What you need for that are:

  • Bio material (like algea)
  • Heat (350 degrees celsius)
  • Pressure (3000 psi, or 2 km deep water)
  • Water.

A global flood would provide enough water… and enough bio material, as it is ripped off everywhere… and enough heat. All flood models that are available show that there must have been a lot of heat involved during the flood.


Generating crude oil takes millions of years, or a global flood.

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