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Mars magnetic field

On wikipedia this image is available of the magnetic field of mars: For research purposes, I’ve pasted this on a sphere to get a more realistic view.

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The solar system, creation and the Flood

Anothor presentation I made. This is about evidence for creation and the flood that we find in the Solar System. Enjoy!

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Universe not expanding?

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Ok, this is the first time I use a wordpress “press this”. So I haven’t got a clue what happens. Anyway, I’ve added a couple of things to my website:

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Secondary impacts

Here is a large crater on the west side of the moon. The name of this crater is Mare Orientale This crater seems to be responsible for a lot of features on the moon. I’ve marked them below. One pattern … Continue reading

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Questioning Deep Time

Welcome to Geodetective! Here is my first production:

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