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Genesis Flood Models

This is the third presentation about the Genesis Flood. In this presentation I show an analysis of many flood models.

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Heat and the Flood – A problem or an answer?

This presentation is one out of a series of three presentations about the Genesis Flood. This presentation is the essence of my flood model. The other two presentations provide more context. I was invited to come to South Africa to … Continue reading

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Generating crude oil takes millions of years?

It is often claimed that crude oil forming is a process that takes millions of years. However, under the right circomstances, this can happen within an hour. See: Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab What … Continue reading

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Ice age global outburst

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Dino Blood!

The scientists say: “Their findings add to the growing body of evidence that structures like blood vessels and cells can persist over millions of years…” But actually it adds to the growing body of evidence that dinosaurs aren’t millions of … Continue reading

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Catastrophic end of the Ice Age

The conventional interpretation of the ice age is that there have been many ice ages. The amount of ice ages was first set to 4, but later interpretations were that there have been many more. Another organisation, Geodoxa, presents an … Continue reading

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Arcs on earth

Here are some arcs that can be found on earth. Some of these may be crater leftovers.

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One of the best flood geologists in the world, Michael Oard, has published new books online! Flood Run Off Post Flood Boundary

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Underwater dunes caused by Japan tsunami

I had a discussion that sand that has been deposited under water cannot have slopes steeper than 25 degrees, so that steep sand slopes (35 degrees) show that a deposition is eolic. The Japan Tsunami refutes that statement: (source: ) Scaled … Continue reading

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Questioning Deep Time

Welcome to Geodetective! Here is my first production:

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