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Genesis Flood Models

This is the third presentation about the Genesis Flood. In this presentation I show an analysis of many flood models.

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The solar system, creation and the Flood

Anothor presentation I made. This is about evidence for creation and the flood that we find in the Solar System. Enjoy!

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Heat and the Flood – A problem or an answer?

This presentation is one out of a series of three presentations about the Genesis Flood. This presentation is the essence of my flood model. The other two presentations provide more context. I was invited to come to South Africa to … Continue reading

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Arcs on earth

Here are some arcs that can be found on earth. Some of these may be crater leftovers.

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Mars Valles Marineris

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Secondary impacts

Here is a large crater on the west side of the moon. The name of this crater is Mare Orientale This crater seems to be responsible for a lot of features on the moon. I’ve marked them below. One pattern … Continue reading

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Coriolis spirals in the ocean… and in the earth’s crust?

NASA recorded these wonderful coriolis spirals in the ocean. Coriolis spirals, similar to those in weather: There may be more coriolis spirals on earth… in the earths crust. See the images below. Does this mean the earths crust had once been … Continue reading

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Hotspots cannot be formed by radioactive blocks in the earth

It is suggested that hotspots are formed inside the earth. Some of the power sources are supposed to be at the core. To illustrate the principle, here is a reference. Not all hotspots reach at the core, so it is … Continue reading

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Questioning Deep Time

Welcome to Geodetective! Here is my first production:

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