Evolution: The Evidence

Geodetective presents: “Evolution: The Evidence (You Usually Don’t Get To See)”. This is the official trailer:

The series consists of 24 episodes, with lengths between 1 and 21 minutes. Together it’s a thourough examination of all the evidence for evolution. You may need to rethink everything you have learned about it. Watch them and decide for yourself if evolutionary theory is a good theory.

Note: all the links point to videos that are private untill their release dates! The release dates per video are displayed in the table.

This is an overview of the episodes, the links and their release dates:

Nr. Subject Release Date
1 Operational vs. Historical Science 17-01-2015
2 Living Fossils 24-01-2015
3 Alternative To Evolution 31-01-2015
4 The Evolutionary Timeline 31-01-2015
5 Artist Impressions 31-01-2015
6 Lucy (removed, contained too much errors) 07-02-2015
7 Neanderthals 14-02-2015
8 Whale Evolution 21-02-2015
9 Cladogram 28-02-2015
10 Bird Evolution 07-03-2015
11 Junk DNA 14-03-2015
12 The Fish That Walked 21-03-2015
13 Embryos, Predictions and Experiments 28-03-2015
14 Dating A Fossil 04-04-2015
15 A (Pre)Cambrian Rabbit 11-04-2015
16 The First Cell 18-04-2015
17 A Pretty Ugly Prediction 25-04-2015
18 Bad Design 02-05-2015
19 Micro RNA 09-05-2015
20 Cambrian Explosion 16-05-2015
21 Information 23-05-2015
22 My New Car 30-05-2015
23 Inventions And Natural Selection 06-06-2015
24 Summary And Conclusion 13-06-2015

4 Responses to Evolution: The Evidence

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  2. Ed Vaessen says:

    Weinig wetenschappelijk, je filmpje. Het geeft behalve muziek en plaatjes geen echte details.

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