Ever asked the question: “why does our Earth have continents?”

I did. And I found the answers given by scientists unsatisfying. The standard interpretation for geophysics is subduction theory. But there are a lot of problems with that theory. And it does more or less explain why continents move, but it does not say anything about why they exist.

Therefore I decided to dive into the theory, to find the real facts what this theory is based on. Then I used these facts to build an alternative theory. On this website, you can find my alternative to subduction theory. It explains why our Earth has continents.

Who am I?
I am an expert in 3D design/visualizing, programming and data analysis and an amateur scientist who has developed a method for truth investigation. I primarily focus on geophysics, but investigate geology and astronomy as well because they are closely related: astronomy influences geophysics, and geophysics influences geology.

Why would we need this?
There are many different worldviews, and only one of them can be correct. Every worldview automatically brings a set of assumptions together with it. Those assumptions can easily be confused with the truth. I have developed a worldview independent method that can investigate all facts, interpretations and assumptions, including the supernatural. The method I’ve developed solves the problem of circular reasoning following from both supernatural-including worldviews and supernatural-denying worldviews.

Scientists are supposed to be unbiased. But since we are all human, scientists just aren’t. No matter how good we try, we all depend on some kind of perspective. Scientists who investigate historical branches must consider a worldview. Eventually, one worldview has become dominant within science. This worldview is called “evolutionism”. But is this the truth? If not, then why is it so accepted by the majority of the scientists? Watch this video and find out:


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